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writetheworld.com - Write the World is a global online writing community that lets teens submit their own work and get feedback from peers, writing instructors, and Read More
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classflow.com - With Classflow teachers can quickly create lessons, assessments and assignments for use in and out of the classroom. Deliver Read More
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weo.io - With Weo teachers can create online learning activities complete with links, images and videos. In addition, teachers can quickly assess their students online and provide instant feedback through online discussions Read More
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exittix.com - This classroom assessment tool is great for exit tickets and polling. Teachers can create True/False, multiple choice, and open-ended questions. Read More
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cuethink.com - CueThink—A collaborative math tool in which students create short videos recordings of themselves solving problems for later review. Read More
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jognog.com - JogNog provides quizzes and review practice questions for formative and summative online assessment. Multiple-choice quizzes that review Read More
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ormiboard.com - Ormiboard is a web-based whiteboard for schools that lets teachers create content and collaborate with students – on any device with any OS Read More
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mangolanguages.com - Mango Languages creates lovable language-learning experiences for libraries, schools, corporations, government agencies, and individuals. Read More
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