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pinterest.com - Build an online pinboard around the topic of your choice. Each pinup can include multimedia such as videos and images. Visitors can comment on each pinup. Read More
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medium.com - Medium is the next generation of blogging. It looks to be a hybrid of a full blog and microblog, but the kicker is the ability to welcome in collaborators to help blog about your topic(s). Read More
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checkthis.com - CheckThis is a super easy way to publish and share content. It differs from blogs because it produces single pages not linked to each other. It is not a series of posts. Think of it as a single piece of paper that can include multimedia. Read More
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bloapp.com - Create an iPhone app for your blog. Simply register and customize your app. A QR code is created so users can retrieve your app by scanning the QR code. Read More
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muzy.com - Arrange your photos using shapes, text, and other collage tools, them share them in a blog format. Read More
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scoop.it - Create your own custom blog of curated content on the web. Design your own online magazine, complete with topics you are interested in. This is a great RSS tool to bring desired articles into your personal Read More
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pen.io - Create and publish a quick and easy text-based web page. Read More
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en.yesblogs.com - Choose your own .com domain name and your blog is available on mobile phones. You may customize each part of your blog, including templates, widgets, and fonts style (200 fonts available). You can also create unlimited mailboxes with your domain name. Read More
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