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creaza.com - Creaza offers an engaging suite of online tools where kids can use their imagination by creating, publishing and sharing digital stories. Read More
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itslearning.net - it’s learning - The Individual Learning Platform™ is an Enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) learning platform delivered through standard web browsers (including mobile) that incorporates all the tools necessary to create, deliver, and manage engaging learning experiences in the classroom and online. Read More
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brainhoney.com - BrainHoney is FREE for individual parents, students, teachers, professors and professionals alike–features include, 1)Instant access for one instructor and multiple students, 2)Online content authoring, 3)Mapping tools, 4)Personalized lesson plans, 5)Dynamic online gradebook, and 6)Student portal. Read More
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https://desmos.com - The next generation of the graphing calculator in the browser. Completely free to use. Enough said. Read More
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oncoursesystems.com - On Course Systems provides a suite of web-based tools for K-12 educators. Includes gradebook, lesson planner, teacher websites, behavior tracking, data analysis, and a complete SIS. Read More
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quia.com - Classroom web page creator with tools to build quizzes and other activities. Read More
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ectolearning.com - EctoLearning is a social, collaborative, online learning environment that directly addresses the needs of the modern learning environment by making the new communication skills and competencies for content creation and sharing central to the classroom experience.

Read More
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igradeplus.com - iGradePlus represents an easy-to-use and affordable online grade book application. Read More
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