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getflow.com - Flow is task management for teams. It works anywhere with anyone so you have things organised in a jiffy. They also have an iPhone and Mac app if that’s what you’re in to. Read More
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apollohq.com - Apollo integrates project management and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) into one central location. You can also manage a range of different tasks from within the app. Read More
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https://nirvanahq.com - Nirvana is GTD task management software for getting things done, based on the book by David Allen. Spend less time managing your projects & tasks and more time doing them. Read More
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coolendar.com - Coolendar claims to be a whole new planning experience. It turns your planning into simple, pretty lists that let you remember what you need to remember, when you need to remember it. You can organise it with tags, talk to it through Google Talk or email, and more. Read More
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simplenoteapp.com - Simplenote is an easy way to keep notes, lists, ideas, and more. Keep notes on the web, your mobile device, and your computer. Find notes quickly with instant searching and simple tags. Share a list, post some instructions, or publish your thoughts. Read More
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translate.google.com - Google's free translator can be used to translate web pages, PDFs, and office documents into a variety of languages. Read More
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meetin.gs - Meetin.gs - Simply effortless meetings. Meetin.gs allows you to organize meetings over organizational boundaries easily and securely without the need for participants to remember any passwords or install any applications. Integrates with Facebook, Google Calendar, and Outlook. Includes an agenda builder, shared notes, and various document editors. Read More
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eyeos.org - Your entire OS in the cloud. This web-based desktop provides storage, word processing, calendar, to-do list, and more. Accessible on PC or mobile device. Read More
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