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quizsnack.com - QuizSnack is an easy to use online poll & survey software that allows you to create and publish market questionnaires and then view the answers in real time. Read More
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livego.com - Facebook, Twitter and your favorite messengers (windows live messenger, yahoo messenger and gtalk) and e-mail accounts(hotmail, gmail and yahoo mail) are all in one place now. Also Social filters, To-Do List, Notes and Calendar empower users. Read More
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textthemob.com - The easiest and most entertaining way to collect feedback from your audience:

Project polls or message boards on a large screen, have everyone send their input via their cell phones and see results instantly!

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pollsb.com - Create a custom poll for free. Share the link with your audience or get the embed code to add it to your blog or website. Read More
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vizu.com - Create a free web poll and put it on your blog, MySpace, Facebook or other social page. Also try Vizu Answers for opinion polls and affordable market research. Read More
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ivoted.com - iVoted is a simple text message voting application designed for live audiences. People vote by sending text messages, email messages, twitter to options defined by poll managers. The poll results are presented in real time.

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moot.ly - Create a quick and easy online discussion forum. Or is it a chat room? Anyway, enjoy free conversations with this modern web app. Read More
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micromobs.com - Micromobs is the best way for small and niche communities/groups to communicate. No more having to deal with long email threads, or archaic group applications. Create mobs for your friends, family, classmates, co-workers, and everyone else in between. Organize your groups! Read More
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