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proprofs.com - ProProfs Survey Software can be used to create free online surveys with powerful tracking and reporting features. Create a variety of question types including multiple choice, essay, short answer, Read More
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web.seesaw.me - With Twiddla, teachers can quickly create a classroom online and invite students using a class code or email accounts. Seesaw Read More
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masteryconnect.com - MasteryConnect has released of their new Web-based professional development platform, Mindful. In addition to offering unique Read More
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proconit.com - ProConIt is the world’s first Social Evaluation™ platform. The better way to evaluate anything quickly, precisely and intelligently—all in an Read More
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citelighter.com - Create powerful writers with this online tool that helps teachers guide the writing process. It includes an internet highlighter, citation Read More
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peardeck.com - If you want to create engaging presentations for your students beyond PowerPoint slides, PearDeck might be the tool for you. Read More
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quizalize.com - Quizalize lets you engage your class and deliver instant assessments for personalised learning on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Read More
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curriculet.com - With Curriculet you can embed a layer of questions, quizzes, and rich media annotations into any reading assignment. Track mastery of literacy skills and Common Core standards in real-time. Read More
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