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wevideo.com - WeVideo is an online platform for collaborative video production in the cloud. They connect your web editing and your mobile device camera - and enable you to tell your stories together with your friends. Read More
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filelab.com - FileLab includes the FileLab Video Editor and FileLab Audio Editor online. Both apps run in the browser and provide a quick and easy way to edit your video and/or audio clips. Read More
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brightcove.com - Online video platform that makes delivering quality video simple. Brightcove is the affordable video hosting solution. Check out our Product Tour. Read More
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swiffy.googlelabs.com - Upload a SWF file and have it converted to HTML5 so you can watch them on your iPad/iPhone. Read More
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en.co.de - Encode let's you upload your video and have it converted to various formats. Then you just download your video. No registration necessary. Read More
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videodif.com - A web-based application that provides a means for creating instructional (SCORM) modules for use in training staff or selling to other individuals. Read More
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magisto.com - Magisto is a web app that will simply make your video worth sharing: Magisto will take a long and boring video, take the gist of it and create a great-looking clip you’d be proud to share. And it is all done in a few clicks. Read More
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slidebomb.com - The Best Ways To Create Online Slideshows! Create, Share, and Promote your own Mashups! SlideBomb lets you create simple online slideshows where you can embed Google Maps, Youtube Videos, Images, Twitter Feeds, and more! Read More
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