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picresize.com - Resize, shrink, and crop your pictures online for free at PicResize.com. Resize photos before posting them on your MySpace, Xanga, Facebook, and blog! Read More
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picnik.com - Edit photos the easy way, online in your browser Read More
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keepsy.com - Use Keepsy to build fantastic photo albums and scrapbooks. Integrates with Instagram. Share the link to your interactive photo album or order a printed version. Read More
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sitepal.com - Create a talking avatar and embed it on your website. Read More
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citrify.com - Free web-based photo editor. Adjust, Touch Up, and Add Effects. Upload and edit your own photos, then save them back to your computer. Read More
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bounceapp.com - Quickly capture a screen shot, add notation, and share via social media tools. Read More
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myavatareditor.com - Create customizable, Mii-style characters/avatars online. Download as JPG or PNG file. Read More
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imageloop.com - Create a custom slideshow online with your own images, photos, and pictures. You can also make an online guestbook, loop gallery, or presentation. Read More
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