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infogr.am - Free online infographic builder. Quickly and easily design stunning charts. Choose a template for your main infographic and customize it with your charts, diagrams, images, Read More
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chieftripper (#1) 2020 days ago
supalogo.com - Supalogo is a web tool that allows users to quickly and easily create a logo. Supalogo allows you to change fonts, gradients, fills, and shadows. The image can then be downloaded as a transparent PNG graphic file that can be used on the web, print, and other mediums. It's free to use. Read More
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easel.ly - Easel.ly is a Web-based tool for creating infographics. It's extremely easy to use. Select a theme, your objects and shapes, plop in some text, and Read More
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chieftripper (#1) 2048 days ago
3dtin.com - 3D Tin allows users to create 3D models and save them in the cloud. They can be shared with others to critique, edit, and revise. Models are published under a Creative Commons license. Great tool for students to learn 3D design and unleash their creativity. Read More
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justproto.com - JustProto is an interactive website prototyping tool for web developers, interactive agencies, PMs and their clients. It is browser based (fully compatible with FF & IE); easy to use, fast & reliable with HTML previews. JustProto supports online real time collaboration. Read More
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piktochart.com - Piktochart is a DIY Infographic Tool to transform data into memorable stories. Free 30-day trial. Read More
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appinventor.googlelabs.com - Quickly design a basic mobile app for your Android phone with this simple to use web app, courtesy of Google Labs. Read More
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CSS3generator.com - This CSS3 generator is really handy whenever you need to knock something up quickly, or just want to look at an example of what code does. And it's absolutely free. Read More
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