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mixlr.com - Mixlr makes professional broadcasting easy. Broadcast live, high-quality audio across the web, iPhone, iPad and mobile devices. Free. Read More
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ispeech.org - iSpeech converts any text on the Web into clear natural sounding audio free. Take your reading on the go with iSpeech text to speech. Read More
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vocaroo.com - Quickly record your own voice and share the message via email, URL, or HTML embed code. Read More
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aviary.com - Use Aviary's music creator to simulate dozens of musical instruments including piano, guitars and drums. Create music loops and patterns for use in Aviary's audio editor (Myna) or as ring tones. Read More
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readthewords.com - Free online Text to Speech tool. Have an avatar of your choice read text or audio file. You can even have it read RSS or a website. Read More
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audiotool.com - Start making music today - right in your browser. AudioTool provides all the tools to get you started. Create your own tracks, mix other users' music, and follow other users. Read More
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soundation.com - A powerful online sequencer with 11 real time effects, 3 synthesizers, a drum machine and a fully integrated Sound Shop. Read More
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vozme.com - Just type in text and have it converted to digital audio MP3 file. Read More
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