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https://atendy.com - With Atendy you can manage, promote and engage your event. Increase your productivity by doing Read More
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eventwith.com - Choose together the event time, place & who brings what. All in one place. Split the Effort. Share the Fun! Read More
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trycapsule.com - Capsule is a private group and event based sharing platform built on the premise that most real-life networks are born and die around shared experiences. Capsule makes Read More
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artistdata.com - ArtistData help artists publish information to a variety of destinations with a single point of entry. Social networks, official websites, and much more. ArtistData is Read More
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vikido.com - With Vikido, children can create audio, video or pictographic content to share instantly with their parents. Parents can then decide exactly who views their child’s creations--whether it be grandparents, a close contacts from a limited list of your choice, or a broader, public circle via Facebook. Read More
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socialcast.com - Companies today struggle with engaging employees and increasing productivity due to communication overload and knowledge silos. Socialcast's software creates a flexible, simple, data-rich collaborative space where employees can find information from applications, systems, and people across the enterprise. Read More
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taysti.com - Store, share, and browse recipes with this cool foodie web application. You can also rate and comment on recipes from other users. Read More
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recipefy.com - Recipefy is a food social network where you can create your online cookbook, share recipes with your friends and discover new ones. The site is free to use. Read More
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