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30hands.com - 30hands uses technology and techniques to change the way teachers and students work in the classroom to improve learning. The approach Read More
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awwapp.com - A Web Whiteboard is touch-friendly online whiteboard app that lets you use your computer, tablet or smartphone to easily draw sketches, Read More
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dotstorming.com - Real time brainstorming and dot voting. With Dotstorming you can create a space for people to post digital notes. Those notes can Read More
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https://hypothes.is - Use Hypothesis to discuss, collaborate, organize your research, or take personal notes. Hypothesis brings a new layer to the web by Read More
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https://probinder.com - ProBinder is your secure shelf in the cloud. You can quickly share large files in a secure and easy way. All Files become instantly searchable. Read More
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https://mydigitalchalkboard.org - For all your California educators, the Cali Dept. of Education just released Digital Chalkboard, a collaborative Read More
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wikibrains.com - Use this free online tool to create visualizations of related concepts and information. Start by Read More
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padlet.com - With Padlet you can quickly create a web wall, share it with others, and begin adding text, images, documents, Read More
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